terms of design

Cupcake Blog Design accepts all payments through Paypal. With your deposit and payment of design, you agree to these Terms of Design.

Once your new design is installed, a Cupcake Blog Design logo will be added to your bottom sidebar along with any other design credits. You agree to keep the CBD logo and links used on your blog until you decide to remove the design from your blog completely.

Cupcake Blog Design is not liable for any photos or elements provided by clients. Permission must be given by the designer before any photos or elements are to be used in the design created by Cupcake Blog Design.

Portfolio Use
A picture of the header and/or other item will be placed in the portfolio and will link to your blog. If you would prefer not to be linked to your blog, please let me know.

Wait List
The wait list is simply an estimate. Cupcake Blog Design will work as quickly as possible, but hey I'm a stay at home mom of 4 and sometimes I just gotta pick one up from school.

I'm with you, sometimes I like this, instead of that too. But unfortunately overly excessive revisions, which means they take me more time than usual, I will need to start charging $30/hour. I know not fun...but it's takes time away for me to do other items or designs.

With blog design, CBD does not issue refunds for designs already started or installed. Now if you have been on the wait list and change your mind, than a refund will be issued with any Paypal checkout fees.

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